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We summarise Japanese studying resources from JLPT N5 to N1.
Each lesson is specified according to appropriate JLPT level, including into grammar point 文法, Noun 名詞, Kanji 漢字, Adjective 形容詞, Verb 動詞, Adverb 副詞 and Preposition 助詞.


8 Tips for JLPT Test Day

JLPT Test Day

After months of studying for the JLPT, which included reading grammar books, creating flashcards, and practicing with mock exams, you feel confident and well-prepared to take the test. With all the knowledge you've acquired, it seems unlikely that anything could go wrong.

Incorrect! While we dedicate a significant amount of attention to studying Japanese, we often neglect the practical aspects of taking the JLPT, such as preparation, necessary items, and potential challenges. These aspects are often overlooked but are equally crucial.

Sticks with below 8 tips for JLPT Test Day!

1) Prioritize Rest the Night Before

Instead of staying up late to cram, make sure you get a good night's sleep. Cramming can increase stress and reduce concentration on the actual test day.

2) Bring the Essential Tools

Don't forget to bring a pencil and eraser for shading the answer circles. Make sure they are dark enough for the computer to read. Avoid bringing pencil cases, highlighters, or colored pens.

3) Bring a Watch

Since the exam centers may not provide a visible clock, bring your own analog watch to keep track of time. Avoid digital watches with alarms.

4) Manage Your Time

Take advantage of the short breaks between different test sections to manage your time effectively. Adjust your pace based on how much time you have left after completing a few answers.

5) Don't Get Stuck

Avoid spending too much time on a single question. Skim through the questions first to get an idea of the total number and which sections might take longer. If you don't know the answer, mark the question and move on. Return to unanswered questions later if time permits.

6) Filled Answers Are Better

If you're running out of time and have unanswered questions, it's better to make educated guesses than leaving them blank. The JLPT doesn't penalize wrong answers, so statistically, you have a higher chance of getting some answers correct.

7) Follow Proctors' Instructions

Strictly adhere to the rules set by the proctors, such as no talking, no cheating, and no cellphones. Failure to comply may result in warnings or expulsion from the exam.

8) Utilize Question Papers for Listening Sections

Take notes while listening to the audio in the listening section. These notes can help you answer the questions more efficiently and serve as a reminder during the review period.

By following these JLPT tips, you can be better prepared for the test day and increase your chances of success!


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